Environmental Technician

Environmental Safety Consultants, Inc.   Bradenton, FL   Full-time     Mechanic/Technician
Posted on March 24, 2024

Field sampling of asbestos, mold, indoor air quality, lead paint, radon, surface water, groundwater, soil, noise, particulates, chemicals, and visible air stack emissions. Reports directly to two project managers. Samples are collected manually, electronically, and with data loggers. Training on the job and with off site vendors will be provided. Field log book, chain of custody forms, and data forms must be completed along with air shipping bills. Must not have facial hair that interferes with respirator seal on face. Pulmonary function test required to determine ability to wear negative pressure respirator. Must have good organizational skills, a strong work ethic, and show up every day to do the job. Computer work may include word processing, spreadsheets, and research. Workload may be heavy at times. Must get along with fellow workers, clients, and be a team player. Some telephone work, email, and correspondence required. Advancement will be commensurate with performance. Must perform as a professional and be discrete.