Waterline Marina Resort & Beach Club

5325 Marina Drive
Holmes Beach , FL


Waterline Marina Resort & Beach Club
Holmes Beach, FL Temporary
Posted on November 18, 2018

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At Waterline Marina Resort & Beach Club

5325 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217


Kitchen Supervisor

Line Cooks

Front Desk Manager


On-Call Banquet Servers

Housekeeping Attendants

Public Attendants

House Attendants

Maintenance Technicians



About Waterline

A legacy defined by an emotional connection between our location and nautical orientation.

Anna Maria Island is an experience of history and heritage – Old Florida preserved by the sun for the next generation of visitors. Crystal clear water, miles of white sandy beaches, and genuine relaxation. Where time slows to a crawl and life becomes less complex. Laid-back. Simple. Crossing over a bridge from the mainland, one leaves the burden of everyday worries for a more balanced state of being.

Waterline is “the level reached by water, visible as a line on a boat, beach or bank.” It is the line where two things come together and exist harmoniously in the same space.

For us, it’s a genuine connection and experience that’s shared by residents and visitors alike.

Waterline signifies you are no longer on hectic, real-world time. You are on island vacation time. Embodying the spirit of Anna Maria Island, Waterline builds on the Old Florida heritage that so many visitors hold dear, while offering new experiences and distinct amenities in a modern resort. It’s where you belong.